Sports Attorneys - Professional Athletes

Buche & Associates, P.C. represents professional athletes. At the firm, we realize professional athletes have unique legal issues.

While highly paid, sometimes for short careers, many athletes suffer from debilitating injuries received while playing that can last a lifetime. These injuries can include not only personal physical injuries, such as chronic traumatic brain injuries, but also financial injuries that are the result of scams that target highly compensated athletes.

We help athletes seek compensation for these injuries. In other cases, athletes will simply need honest, objective, and confidential advice about proposed business deals.

The Firm is well versed in each of these fields and we take great pleasure in representing athletes.

At Buche & Associates, not only do we represent athletes, but nearly all of the legal professionals are personally involved with athletics and familiar with the important lessons learned in athletics - like working hard, being aggressive competitors, and operating as a team. Firm professionals have played professional baseball, and are actively involved in athletic endeavors that include snowboarding, surfing, sailing, skateboarding, jujitsu, boxing, krav maga, hockey, weight lifting, rugby, golf, and yoga.


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