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The attorneys of are frequently retained as local counsel to represent businesses and persons that have been sued or that need to file lawsuits in the Courts of Southern California. The local rules, customs, and simple issues of form can be confusing to practitioners from other parts of the country, so it is imperative to retain local counsel if your client has been sued in Southern California. Based in La Jolla, which is situated in San Diego County, we routinely practice in the federal courts of the Southern and Central Districts of California. While the bulk of intellectual property cases we have handled are in these jurisdictions, we are also registered in the Eastern and Northern Federal District courts of California, as well as in the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals.

Once retained as local counsel, we work closely with primary counsel to help determine the best courses of action, and initially whether to seek dismissals or jurisdictional transfers to more convenient forums. If the case stays in our local jurisdiction, we work with the primary counsel to process pro hac vice applications, and everything else that needs to be done from initial filings through trial, and appeals, if necessary.

If you would like to discuss our local counsel services in Southern California:

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Also, with an office in Houston, Texas licensed attorneys on staff, and years of experience practicing in Texas Courts, we also help to counsel California defendants dealing with lawsuits in any of the federal courts in Texas. We are registered in all Texas federal district courts, including the Eastern District of Texas, which has developed a cottage industry in patent and trademark litigation.


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