Dog Bite Injury

Dog Bite Attorneys

Stated simply, dog bites can be horrible and traumatic injuries. A dog bite can require extensive corrective surgery, result in enormous medical bills and cause significant pain and suffering.

While domesticated pets are beneficial to society in many instances, owners should also be held responsible when a pet injures a human. In many cases, an owner or keeper may have reason to know of the dangerous propensities of an animal and should warn the public or take steps to protect the public from the animal. In the worst cases, an animal will have been conditioned to harm humans or behave aggressively. Owners of such animals know or should know of the dangers posed to humans by the animal, and could be held responsible civilly (if not criminally) for the animal's acts.

California laws are very favorable to the victims of dog bites. In addition to the general laws of negligence and premises liability, California Civil Code Section 3342 makes a dog owner strictly liable for any dog bite attack.

If an animal has injured you or a loved one, first seek all appropriate medical attention. If possible, have the authorities capture and detain the animal. Take photographs of all the injuries and gather as much information as possible about the location of the attack, the animal and the animal owners.

Then, call our law firm as soon as possible. It is imperative to act fast to preserve evidence and locate the owners. We will help you evaluate your case and advocate to recover for injuries.


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