Websites, Domain Names & Cybersquatters

Internet Presence

Every modern business needs and usually has a presence on the Internet. Preferably, a business wants domain names that reflect the business name, or maybe a product. The ".com" and ".net" websites are the most popular, and as a result, the registrable names are decreasing in number and increasing in value.

Protecting & Acquiring Domains

It is not uncommon for a desired website URL to be taken. If a particular business name has been taken, given the increasing value to your business, you may want to consider advocating to get the name. In some cases, a structured purchase may be in order. In other circumstances, more aggressive legal measures may be needed to take a name where a URL has been misappropriated. If the name taken is a registered trademark, you have a better chance of securing a return.


In the worst cases of cyber piracy, someone has intentionally taken a business or product name with the intent of extorting money for the return. Those individuals engaged in such hijackings have been labeled "Cybersquatters." Anti-Cybersquatting legislation and the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers ("ICANN") Uniform Dispute Resolution Policy have brought some order to litigating contested domain names in federal court and in arbitration proceedings.

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